Beauty editor Lois Joy Johnson,for usatoday.com, highlights the frequent problem of winter dandruff.

Winter brings out the dark sweaters and jackets, causing white flakes to be showcased.  Many times a build up of styling products is to blame, not a medical condition. But all conditions are worsened by dry indoor heating.  In order to solve the problem, if styling products are to blame, do the following:

  • Try going without gels, serums and sprays for a couple of days (Gels are usually the culprit).
  • Add a moisturizing hair mask twice a week.
  • Try switching to moisturizing creams and balms.

If dandruff is an every day occurrence you may be suffering from a yeastlike fungus called malassezia. Try these solutions:

  • Try a medicated shampoo.
  • Alternate between shampoo containing zinc pyrithicone and one that contains salicylic acid.

Finally in order to mask any dandruff try these ideas:

  • Scramble your part, a more casual part won’t focus attention on your scalp.
  • Tousle your hair, a looser more undone look will conceal flakes.
  • Don’t over think it, wear white or ivory to camouflage the flakes.
  • Go lighter, dark hair shows more flakes so choose a lighter tone.

Read more beauty tips at yourbeautylife.usatoday.com.

Week 2 Tips

  • Condition, condition, condition: In the winter month’s peoples hair tends to dry out because of dryer weather and the heat inside. Trap moisture in by doing a weekly deep conditioner, add leave-in conditioner to your routine and add conditioner to your ends before you shampoo.
  •  Reduce your washing: Washing strips your hair of important nutrients. By washing your hair every-other day you will be able to retain more moisture and reduce frizz. Instead, add a conditioning only treatment or a dry shampoo to your regimen on your off days.
  •  Turn the shower temperature down: Rinse your hair in cold water after you wash and condition to lock in moisture and increase the shine!

What cold weather tricks do you use to keep your frizz to a minimum and your hairs moisture to a maximum?

Many of us look forward to snow and cold temperatures suitable for skiing, but none of us enjoy the constant static, frizzed hair and breakages caused by the dry winter air.

For the next 3 weeks we will be offering some tips to limit the damage to your hair during the winter months.

Week 1 Tips:

  • Wear a beanie, hat, or scarf to protect your hair from the wind and cold temperatures. Hair is similar to our skin when exposed to wind and cold air and it can dry out if it is not properly protected.
  •  Do not go outside when your hair is wet. If temperatures are cold enough, your hair could freeze and break off.

Don’t end up like this guy!

Leave your feedback and let us know if any of these tips have worked for you!

Bellavie Boutique

Are you ready for fall? Well with with these fresh and unique fall styles from Bellavie Boutique you sure will be!

Ranging from denim to accessories, you can find exclusive fashion at the Bellavie Boutique located in our Salt Lake City salon.

Here are a few of our favorites:

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Meet our Stylists!

Malstrom Salon is a unique salon because we take pride in the fact
that our stylists are experienced and knowledgeable. Stylists must
have years of salon experience to join the Malstrom team. For this
reason, we are able to offer the best experience to our customers. We
would like to introduce the members of our amazing staff to you.
Here’s what our customers are saying about them:

“It’s worth the travel time”
I travel over 3 hours to have the accommodating owner/staff at
Malstrom Salon take exceptional care of my hair and skin needs. Chris
Malstrom and his staff have created a attractive, peaceful and
professional atmosphere. I love the attention to details from the time
I make my appointment until the time I pay for the services/products I
have received. I have been going to Malstrom for nearly two years now,
every time, I return from the Salon I receive oohs and ahhs from co
workers and family members for the “new look” I come back with. I have
recommended the Malstrom Salon to several colleagues and friends and
all of them have enjoyed their experience with Malstrom Salon as much
as I have. Keep up the superb service and friendly atmosphere. “

“Awesome cut and color
I have been going to Trish at Malstrom Salon for over 10 years. She is
awesome. In my opinion, she has special talent in coloring hair. I am
a brunette. Trish has colored my hair with summery carmel/blonde
highlights and with more rich dark tones in the winter. She always
gets it right . . . this is not easy to do! I have never left
disappointed in the color, or cut! I would totally recommend her.”

“David Perks knows best
I think many would agree that David is one of the best hairstylists
around, the absolute best with blondes and highlights. I have been
going to David for years and of course, like everyone else, have
strayed a time or two and come back to him with my tail between my
legs. What I have finally come to realize is, when I need a change, he
can do it for me, I don’t have to change salons or stylists to get the
change I am looking for. He also makes everyone feel very comfortable
and conversation is easy with him- you know that’s important with a
stylist! The salon could be updated, there is some clutter like
topiaries etc but I well worth overlooking for a talent like David.”

“Courtney is amazing!
I have had a total of three haircuts so far at Malstrom, and I will
never go anywhere else! Courtney has completely transformed my
obnoxious, unruly hair into a style that I can wash & wear (or style a
bit for fun). I have never found a stylist so willing to listen to
what the client wants and needs. I always leave the salon feeling
great. The other stylists all seem so friendly, too. It is a great
place. If you have fine, unruly hair that drives you insane, go to
Courtney! She will AWE you with the results!”

“Everyone should be getting their haircuts here.
I might be partial to Malstrom Salon because I love Aveda products,
but I absolutely adore Amber! I recently moved here and was looking
for a great place to get my haircut and I’d ask people whose hair I
admired where they got their haircuts and the answer was always,
“Malstrom Salon”. I started going to Amber because I knew her, but I
continue to go to Amber because she gives the best cuts in town! She
replicated a picture I brought in and I continue to get compliments
almost THREE MONTHS after having seen her! Her haircuts grow out
flawlessly and she is so good at portraying to her customers what will
look good and stylish, it’s fantastic! I’m never nervous about what
she’s going to do! Love her and love this salon!”

1920s Revival

The 1920s are making a welcomed come back.  We have waited long enough to see the decade make a reappearance.  Many great figures came out of the 1920s such as Coco Chanel and the characters of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby.  Some key elements of 1920s fashion include fringing, beading, drop waist, and short bob hair cuts.  According to fashionising.com the flapper dress is coming back in style.  This loose fitting dress is typically full of fringe, beading, and everything fabulous.

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New Arrival!

Malstrom Salon is pleased to announce the arrival of Devyn Hilal. Devyn is coming to Malstrom Salon with over 4 years of salon experience, a great attitude, and outstanding skills. Devyn is extremely talented in all facets of hair and make-up. Call and make an appointment with Devyn and receive 20% off your service and Aveda products.